What we do

<aside> 💡 Through our weekly newsletter and podcast, Fitt Insider has become the go-to source for analysis of the fitness and wellness industry.


<aside> 💸 Applying more than a decade of experience, we invest in early-stage companies across health and fitness.


What’s next

<aside> ✍️ With the goal of providing more value to the broader ecosystem, we’re expanding our content efforts.


<aside> 📚 Beyond content, we’re adding resources to support the founders, investors, and operators driving the industry forward.


Join the team

<aside> 🤝 We’re hiring for a few content-focused roles that require a unique combination of writing, research, and industry-specific knowledge.


<aside> 🌎 All positions are fully remote and flexible in terms of structure and schedule.


Open Positions

News Writer, Health & Fitness

Business Reporter, Health & Fitness @ WellToDo

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